Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a way to start the new year

I never make New Years resolutions. In fact, I'm usually pretty vocal about how dumb I think they are. But this year I'm going to give it a shot. I'm going to take a yoga class. And I'm going to keep a blog. Blog. What a stupid word. But I guess "Web Log" was too boring of a term.

So the "experts" say to focus on a theme. Find your niche. I say, no thanks. I got enough of that niche crap from good ol' Merl senior year. I plan on being beautifully random. But I will have one constant - my blog posting titles will all be song lyrics. Emo? Maybe. I have a streak or two of emo in me, which I'm sure will come out in this blog eventually.

Blogging does have applications to my career. Blogging can be a form of marketing. And social networking. I've fallen for pretty much every form of social networking, so why not give this one a try. (Except I said goodbye to MySpace the other day. Over that.) I'll just think of this as a really long tweet...

So here's to a new year of blogging :)

Post title song: "The New Year" by Parachute


  1. I couldn't figure out who left my top friends!! It was you! Jerk.


  2. Sorry Nick! I'm still a top friend. Just not on MySpace. Get back on Facebook, loser. :)

  3. I LOVE SOCIAL NETWORKING! ahaha. i like the music idea. i was actually thinking about that myself. seriously though, i LOVE social networking. i get this warm fuzzy feeling inside when i talk about marketing. haha. awkward....

  4. Not awkward...a sign that you're supposed to be in marketing!!!